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Cohabitation Solicitors

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Here at Bakers we are experienced with assisting unmarried couples. We find that it is often the case that those who have cohabited for a long time believe that they have the same rights as married couples upon separation. Unfortunately this is not the case and means separation can be a particularly uncertain time for unmarried couples.

Cohabitation & Property Ownership

In many cases issues may arise in relation to the ownership of a property. It may be that the property was jointly owned by you, or in one person’s name with you or your partner having made contributions toward it. There are various ways of showing your interest in a property including showing that you contributed to the purchase price, have paid towards household bills or mortgage or have paid for work done in the property. This is an area of law that can be complex and every individual case is different and needs to be considered on the facts. Early legal advice is essential.


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