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Divorce Settlements

Family Law Solicitors

Reaching a financial settlement is not always easy and the need for expert advice is paramount.

Whether you or your spouse have business interests, property or pensions we are able to assist. We enjoy a reputation for no nonsense and tough litigation but we also have solicitors who are members of Resolution, recognising the importance of negotiation and mediation. As with all our family law services, we will provide honest advice about your case. The following are some of the ways we can help:

Voluntary Disclosure and Negotiation

In the majority of cases it is appropriate to attempt a settlement by simple negotiation. To achieve this there must be full and frank disclosure of financial information. This will include documents such as bank statements, wage slips, valuations of properties and other assets, Cash Equivalent Values of any pensions etc… Once all the financial information is available we will sit down with you and discuss a possible settlement. If such disclosure and negotiation prove successful a settlement can be incorporated into a Consent Order that will be lodged with the court for approval. We are able to prepare the Consent Order and other documents meaning your attendance at court is rarely required.

Mediation/Collaborative Law

In all cases we will consider with you the appropriateness of attending family mediation. We have our own Collaborative Solicitor so are able to offer this directly. Alternatively, if deemed appropriate, we enjoy strong links with local mediation providers and can arrange an early and seamless referral.  Please see our dedicated Collaborative Law page here

Court Proceedings

Resolving matters without the need to issue court proceedings is always our first priority but it is not always possible. When it becomes necessary to issue court proceedings you can be assured that our solicitors are highly experienced and competent advocates.

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