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Criminal Law

If you have been convicted by a Youth Court or a magistrates court and take the view that the conviction is wrong, based on the evidence that was presented to the court at the time, there is an avenue open to you to appeal the conviction. You appeal to the Crown Court. Your trial is re-run before a Crown Court Judge and two magistrates who hear the evidence again and make their decision based on the evidence that they have heard.

If you are convicted by a jury at the Crown Court the appeal process takes you to the Court of Appeal in London. Again, our legal team guide you through this process and our experienced advocates will represent you at the Court of Appeal. You will be given honest and accurate advice as to the merits of your appeal and the likely outcome.

If you run an appeal and lose, there are possible consequences for you. The risks will be fully discussed with you so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to pursue the appeal.

If you believe you were convicted in error because a mistake has been made in relation to the law then your appeal process is different and our experts will guide you through this difficult and complex area of law.

Sentencing & Appeals

If after pleading guilty or being convicted by the Court you are sentenced by a Court to a sentence that you believe is unfair given the circumstances of your case, it is open to you to appeal only the sentence. In order for an appeal against a sentence to be successful the appeal court has to find that the sentence imposed is manifestly excessive with regard to the facts of the case, the sentencing guidelines and any relevant case law. Our lawyers will advise you as to whether the sentence that you have received is manifestly excessive and the merits of your appeal.

We will give you an indication of the cost of your appeal whether it be an appeal against conviction, an appeal against sentence or an appeal against both. If appropriate we will make an application for legal aid on your behalf.

Appealing a conviction, or appealing a sentence requires careful preparation and needs to be well presented by an experienced advocate if the best possible outcome is to be achieved. Our team at Bakers are committed to achieving the best possible result for you.

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