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Sadly domestic abuse is a more common feature than many may think. Domestic abuse does not only mean physical violence but emotional abuse as well. If you are a victim of domestic abuse then you can be assured of confidential and expert advice. In appropriate circumstances we are able to provide urgent representation for Non Molestation Orders (injunctions) and Occupation Orders:

Non Molestation Order

This is an Order which prevents somebody from using threatening or violent behaviour towards a person, and this can include towards children. It can also prevent them from instructing or encouraging others to use or threaten violence against the persons named in the order if you think that they will encourage others to do so.

If a non-molestation order is breached then this is an offence for which the Police may arrest.

Occupation Order

This is an order which states who can live in the family home and who has to leave in order to provide protection to you and your children. Each order will be different depending on whether you are seeking full exclusion from the home or just at certain times.

A power of arrest can be attached to the Occupation Order which means if this is breached, then the Police can arrest that individual.

Legal Aid might be available if you are a victim of domestic abuse. Contact us to find out more.

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