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Issues involving your children can be very stressful and emotional. Here at Bakers Solicitors we understand the challenge that parents face when you are in a dispute about your children. We can represent those who wish to issue proceedings in relation to their children, as well as those who have been notified that proceedings have been issued against them. We are fully experienced in representing parents and children in both circumstances.

We have years of experience dealing with children matters and can offer you advice on all options. We will always offer straightforward and frank advice including prospects of succeeding. We have extensive experience of representing clients concerning children in all levels of the court system including the Family Proceedings Court, County Court and High Court.

There are various issues relating to children that might involve the following:

Child Arrangement Order

Determines where a child is to live and what time they should spend with each parent. Child Arrangement Orders replaced Residence and Contact Orders.

Parental Responsibility Order

Gives you the ability to make important decisions about your child. Not all fathers have Parental Responsibility and we will be able to advise if this affects you.

Prohibited Steps Order

Prevents a parent from taking a particular step in relation to their child. If there is dispute between two parents about whether the other should be able to take a certain step then this is the order you need. Prohibited Steps Orders are often made to prevent children from being removed from the country.

Specific Issue Order

Deals with a specific problem which has arisen such as differing views between parents. An example of this is when there is dispute as to a child’s surname.

Enforcement of Contact

When you have a Contact Order that is not being complied with it might be appropriate to apply for an Enforcement Order.

Special Guardianship Order

This is an order where somebody other than the parents take responsibility for caring for the child until the age of 18. A Special Guardianship Order provides Parental Responsibility which they share with the parents but the Special Guardian is able to use their Parental Responsibility to make overriding decisions. Special Guardianship Orders are often applied for by grandparents and other family members when parents are unable to provide children with the care required. There are complex rules relating to Special Guardianship Orders including the provision of support services such as financial payments by local authority. This means that expert legal advice is an absolute must.

Emergency Applications

We are able to act urgently with very short notice in cases where you have immediate concerns about your child’s welfare. For example, if you have concerns that your child is going to be removed from the country or if your child is retained after a contact visit we have experience of applying for and obtaining Court Orders on an urgent basis.

There may be circumstances where proceedings involve a combination of orders. Our expert solicitors can advise on what Order will meet the needs of you and your children.

To speak to a member of our specialist Family Law team call 01457 859123 or 0161 804 04 70.

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