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Mental Health

Criminal Law

If you or a family member is to be interviewed by the police in relation to any criminal offence and suffers from mental health problems it is essential that they have the benefit of legal advice at a very early stage. We have highly qualified and experienced lawyers who will attend the police station with you and advise you how to deal with the police interview and support you through the interview. If you have a mental health issue you should be given the benefit of an appropriate adult whilst at the police station. Our representatives will ensure that the police follow the correct procedure in relation to your welfare whilst at the police station. If necessary they will make representations to the police as to alternatives to prosecution. It is open to the police to consider diversion to the mental health services as an alternative to a prosecution but the correct representations need to be made at the appropriate time to secure this outcome.

Legal Aid

If you or a family member is due to appear before a Court in relation to a criminal matter and has a history of mental health problems they also need to have the benefit of legal advice at a very early stage. There are very real issues that need to be considered before progress can be made. It may be that the issue of your fitness to plead has to be considered and it may be necessary to instruct an expert psychiatrist to assist with your defence. We have access to a team of professionals from the mental health field that are able to provide the reports that will be used to secure the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.

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