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Court Appearance

Criminal Law

If you are due to appear before a magistrates court in any part of the country in relation to any prosecution, our team of experienced lawyers are available to represent you at the first hearing.

The court will expect you to be in a position to indicate your plea at that hearing. Before your plea is entered it is always in your best interest that advice is sought in relation to the strength of evidence against you and how your matter is likely to proceed in order that your instructed choice can be made. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in providing this advice.

Helping to Prepare

A primary concern for most people who find themselves before the court is the likely cost and how they should fund their case. Our people can give you all the options and if appropriate, make a legal aid application on your behalf.

At the first hearing for more serious offences the magistrates court will have to decide if they have adequate powers to deal with the case or whether the matter should be allocated to the Crown Court. In some cases if the matter is to run to trial, ultimately the individual has the choice as to whether they want their trial before Judge and jury at the Crown Court. It is vitally important that legal advice is sought before the court makes their decision about where the case will be dealt with.

Whether your matter is to proceed before magistrates or Judge and jury at the Crown Court, we have a team of experienced advocates that will prepare your case for trial and represent you. If necessary, we will instruct expert witnesses to assist you at trial.

The Best Possible Outcome for You

Our lawyers will work with you to the conclusion of your case; we will liaise with the probation service, health professionals and other services if required. Our aim is always to service the best possible outcome for you.

The magistrates court have the power to make any ancillary orders, including; football banning orders, restraining orders & ASBO’s. These orders can have an enormous affect on individual’s everyday lives. Our team has vast experience in dealing with these orders and can often persuade the court that the making of these orders is not necessary.

If you should find yourself before the court for a breach or a court order you should get legal advice. Courts view breaches of court orders very seriously and punishment could even include a prison sentence to be imposed. Our advocates are available to provide representation at breach hearings.

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